'Only Fools and Horses' actress Sue Holderness feels a complete “plonker” after thinking UBER in Spain had charged her credit card €5,999.

Sue Holderness admits she's a 'plonker' after Uber mix-up

Sue Holderness admits she's a 'plonker' after Uber mix-up

The 72-year-old actress – who played Boycie’s wife Marlene Boyce in the beloved sitcom opposite Sir David Jason as Del Boy and Nicholas Lyndhurst as his younger brother Rodney Trotter – was left shocked after checking her account and seeing 'thousands’ being debited from her MasterCard.

But after contacting UBER to complain, Marlene was left feeling like a 42-carat plonker when a representative for the taxi company told her the fee was actually the equivalent of £6.

She posted on Twitter: “#UBER. I have just received an email from UBER in Spain telling me that €5,999 has been taken out of my account (using my Mastercard details). I've stopped that card (nightmare!) and have no help from Uber in getting this money back.

“Confession. I'm a prat. Spanish Uber are taking CLP 5,990 out of my account not €5,990! That seems to be less than £6. I'm mean they shouldn't have taken anything but that's rather less alarming than €5,990. So sorry-very grateful for all your help.

“I think ‘plonker’ describes me perfectly … Mind you I still don't know why SPANISH UBER are taking ANY money from my account!”

Sue will forever be associated with her alter ego Marlene and her on-screen husband Boycie, played by John Challis.

Sadly, John passed away in September 2021 at the age of 79 from cancer, and Sue recently admitted that she is still struggling to accept that he is gone.

She said: "Double acts you often hear hate each other, John and I became very good friends from the very beginning.

"His wife and my husband, the four of us would go on holiday together, we saw each other regularly. I still speak to Carol every day.

"It's very difficult for me to say that I have really gone through the grieving process because I haven't, I still don't believe he is gone.

"He feels very much that he is still with us and of course he will be with us, he will be in our lives forever because of the wonderful Boycie that he created."