Former 'Coronation Street' star Dean Fagan has turned his hand to DJing.

Luke Britton and Carla Connor

Luke Britton and Carla Connor

The hunky actor - whose character Luke Britton was brutally killed off in the ITV soap by serial villain Pat Phelan [Connor McIntyre] in January - entertained around 200 VIP guests at the launch of a new venue and Chinese restaurant Ocean Treasure in Peter Street in his home city of Manchester on Wednesday night (02.05.18).

Since leaving Weatherfield, Dean - who supports Manchester City - has launched his own football podcast, 'All Things Round and Red'.

Luke was killed off in an explosive double-bill which saw Pat shoot him and set fire to his car's petrol tank, leaving him to burn to death.

The pair had been in a car chase after Luke learned that Pat was responsible for the disappearance of Andy Carver [Oliver Farnworth].

Commenting on the scenes, he said: "I was excited to realise I was going to be a pivotal part of the start of Phelan's demise, the start of the unravelling, that someone else has found out the truth and he has now killed again which is a desperate act and one that is going to eventually start more questions being asked.

"The Phelan era is huge and he has played such a massive part in the street so to be involved in that is brilliant. Luke will play his part in the whole end game."

Dean decided to quit the soap in order to "try new things" and to "settle down".

He explained:"My decision to leave was based purely on my age and I felt that the time was right now to go and try new things. Also before I start to get older and want to settle down and life starts getting in the way of things - and before I get too comfortable, which is easy to do in this job.

"It is an amazing job, but I am also a person who likes to have new experiences. I have been here four years in December, which as an actor is a long time in some ways to be playing the same role. I'm 29 and before the big 30, I felt I needed to make that break and try something else, as it is a pivotal age."