Gail Porter doesn't think she's "pretty" enough for 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Gail Porter

Gail Porter

The 46-year-old presenter, who lost her hair to alopecia in 2005, doesn't think she'd ever be approached for the BBC ballroom and Latin show because her bald head could cause problems for the hair and make-up departments.

She said: "I don't think 'Strictly' would ever ask me. I'm not pretty enough for TV - I've no hair so what would they do with me? What if the wig fell off?

"There are so many more important things than me doing telly."

Gail - who has 15-year-old daughter Honey with ex-husband Dan Hipgrave - also doesn't believe she's "pretty enough" to find love again.

She said: "Am I looking for love? No. I'm quite happy.

"I'm not very pretty. I still don't feel pretty enough for love.

"You never know, maybe one day, but it's not top of my list."

Instead, the former 'Top of the Pops' presenter is focusing her attention on raising her daughter.

She said: "Now I've got a teenager, I want to make sure her life is perfect.

"Obviously nobody's life is ever really perfect, but I want her to know her mum is there for her.

"She knows everything I have been through, and she's like my best friend."

Gail experimented with a wig earlier this year, and though she enjoyed it at first, the hairpiece made her feel emotional and she's not worn it again since.

She told Closer magazine: "It was lovely - it was just really odd because when I put it on, I enjoyed it for the first few minutes and then I suddenly thought, 'Oh my gosh, I miss my hair' so I got a bit teary.

"I've never worn it again. I think I'm so used to being bald now. Anyway, my daughter and my friends love me as I am."

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