Gail Porter was once turned down for 'Celebrity First Dates'.

Gail Porter

Gail Porter

The 50-year-old TV presenter and her 18-year-old daughter Honey love the Channel 4 show, but she wasn't chosen to be on the programme and admits she always thinks she's "not good enough".

Gail - who lost her hair to alopecia in 2005 - said: "I love 'First Dates'. Me and my daughter are addicted. But they didn’t choose me.

"I don’t think I was right. When they ask a bloke about their ideal woman, they probably don’t say bald or short.

"I’m cracking on a bit. I’m not the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen. But then I always think I’m not good enough."

The star - who was married to Honey's dad, Toploader guitarist Dan Hipgrave, from 2001 to 2005 - would love to meet someone so they can embrace every night, but she thinks some people may not want to hang out with her because she "talks a lot" and watches TV "all through the night".

She added to The Sun newspaper: "I could not think of anything nicer than having a hug every single night.

"But I can understand that no one would want to hang out with me because I talk a lot, I watch telly all through the night and when I wake up, I put movies on.

"I’m not used to having people in the house."

In October, Gail admitted she had "given up" on finding love.

She said: "Basically, if anyone wants to date me, that would be great. But I think I've given up. I guess I'm just going to die with a cat.

"I’m bald and I don't feel confident about dating. I'd love to meet someone, but I don't feel pretty and it's fine. When I lost my hair, I lost a lot of confidence - but I have a happy heart.

"Honey's always very wonderful and positive and says, 'You're going to get a boyfriend', and I'm just like, 'Oh whatever'. "

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