'Gangs of London' could be set to return for a second series.

Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans

The Sky Atlantic drama series has been well-received by critics, and director Gareth Evans has suggested it could return to TV screens in the future.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Gareth - who previously helmed the 'Raid' action films - said: "I think they [Sky and producers] are currently figuring that out.

"I think everyone's waiting to see what the reaction is to this first season. Naturally, there are certain story threads that are hanging in the air a little bit by the end of the first one.

"So obviously there's potential and space for that to continue.

"But I think it's all it's all a case of like, wait and see at this point. It's a little too early in the day to kind of like, really sort of say too much about any of the any of the plans."

Meanwhile, Sope Dirisu - who plays wannabe gangster Elliot Finch in the show - has insisted there's already an intent to make more episodes of the drama.

He explained: "It really depends on viewing figures. We've already been out a couple of weeks so far and we haven't released internationally yet.

"So it really depends on how well it's received when all is said and done. I think there's definitely the intent for it."

Despite this, a spokesperson for Sky has insisted there is "no update yet" on whether 'Gangs of London' will return for a follow-up series.

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