Gaynor Faye felt "so guilty" while filming Megan Macey's cheating scenes on 'Emmerdale'.

Gaynor Faye

Gaynor Faye

While the 46-year-old actress' character was the one who was doing the dirty on her boyfriend Frank Clayton (Michael Praed), she is so close to her alter-ego she couldn't help but feel bad about Megan sleeping with Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough).

She said: "I felt so guilty. When we were doing that scene I really felt guilty.

"Michael kept looking at me...

"I think Megan has got this self-destruct button. The Maceys definitely have that."

Gaynor admitted there was a slightly "awkward" moment between herself and Andrew because they only met moments before they were due to share an on-screen smooch.

She said: "Andrew had been there for six months and I had not even met him, our paths hadn't even crossed. The first thing we had to do was kiss.

"It was like, 'Hi I'm Gaynor ... right we're going to kiss in a minute.' We were a bit awkward around each other. Really strange. There's no big sex scenes in 'Emmerdale'."

Megan cheated on Frank and cut up his clothes after believing he was being unfaithful to her, but he was actually gearing up to pop the question to her, a proposal which she turned down.

The former 'Fat Friends' star has been in 'Emmerdale' for six years, and she loves the fact she hasn't had to move house to appear in the programme because it the soap is filmed in her home city, Leeds.

Speaking on ITV's 'Lorraine', she added: "It's so lovely. It's my home town so I get to wake up in my bed every morning. I haven't had to move.

"I see my kids, which is always a good thing, and maybe not so good sometimes. I go to work, for a break."