Humans is returning for its second series tonight (October 30), and fans couldn't be more excited to see what's in store for their favourite characters.

Gemma Chan as Synth Mia/Anita / Credit: Channel 4

Gemma Chan as Synth Mia/Anita / Credit: Channel 4

Speaking to Digital Spy, actress Gemma Chan who plays Synth Mia in the show teased: "Mia is hiding in plain sight, using the Anita persona. She's working at a café for Ed (Sam Palladio) - and he doesn't know that she's really Mia, so it's quite weird.

"It's Mia playing Anita [her old, unfeeling alter-ego] but not doing a perfect version of Anita, because she does slip up - she can't contain her growing feelings, so that was a different kind of challenge.

"A lot of the fun in the first series was in having that duality in the character, so they've been very clever in allowing me to still do that. Weirdly, I found that I missed Anita - she's robotic, but she's got her own personality within that and she's great fun to play."

She added that "the writers and I felt it was important that you really see the progression of the character. So this season's all about her exploring who she is. There are key moments in the series where you see her, for the first time, really make a decision…

"The stakes are really high, and things definitely don't go to plan. Mia has to respond, and I think you'll definitely get to see a much steelier side to her.

"I haven't read the later episodes, but I feel like she might go a bit rogue, which I can't wait for - I'd love to see her go really bad-arse! I think there's something in that."

The actress also laughed about having to play a Synth once again, because of the various ways in which a robotic and man-made machine would move.

She said: "I was like Bambi. You think you'd retain the muscle memory, but I was really, really bad. I thought it'd be easier, but it really wasn't.

"My character does a lot of running in the second half of the series and I am just so bad at it. Ivanno Jeremiah [who plays Max] is the king of Synth running - I'm more like Phoebe from Friends.

"I even got told off for breathing too much yesterday! 'Gemma, you're breathing an awful lot - try and breathe a bit less in the scenes'…"

Humans returns to Channel 4 tonight - October 30 - at 9pm.

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