Gemma Collins has done some ironing for the first time in three years during lockdown, and claims she now looks like Sir Rod Stewart.

Chris Stark, Gemma Collins and Scott Mills

Chris Stark, Gemma Collins and Scott Mills

The 'Diva On Lockdown' star - who revealed in November she hadn't made her own bed for 10 years - has got to grips with her iron for the first time since 2017, and she has vowed to give cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch a run for her money.

Speaking on Scott Mills and Chris Stark's Radio 1 show - which saw her perform her own DJ set - Gemma said: "I'm all up to date with me washing, I even took out me own iron.

"I've not ironed for three years and I've not made a bed for about five years, so yeah move over Mrs Hinch because The GC is becoming a pro.

"I'm used to having it all done for me Mariah Carey-style but you know what, if it means staying home and saving lives The GC does what she's gotta do."

The 39-year-old reality star - who is back with a third series of her popular BBC Radio 1 podcast on June 8th - also divulged that she has a "Rod Stewart"-style mullet during lockdown.

The former 'TOWIE' star has been forced to ditch her diva ways as she can no longer get her massages, spray tan, nails and hair done, and she is even leaving her hair extensions out and "rocking a bob".

She said: "Part of my life routine is getting three massages a week, spray tan, nails, hair ... I've had to start blow drying my own hair. I'm rocking a bob, I've got no extensions in, the hair is growing. It's very strong.

"Rod Stewart eat your heart out, I'm rocking a mullet but to be honest I can't wait for this to be over."

And when lockdown is lifted, Gemma's first port of call will be a McDonald's drive-thru.

She said: "The minute quarantine is lifted, I don't care if its two, three, four, 5am in the morning I'm going out.

"I'll be going somewhere and I'll be the first one in the McDonalds drive-thru.

"I'll be heading to London, I wanna see the pigeons at Trafalgar square...

"Do you just not think what are all the pigeons thinking around Trafalgar Square, 'Where have all the humans gone?' "

Hear Gemma's full DJ takeover on Scott Mill's Radio 1 show on BBC Sounds now.