Gemma Collins, James ‘Arg’ Argent and Amy Childs have hit out at Essex County Council after they approved a £300,000 campaign seeking to “challenge people’s preconceived views” of the area.

Gemma Collins and her TOWIE co-stars have hit out at Essex County Council over a six-figure rebrand campaign

Gemma Collins and her TOWIE co-stars have hit out at Essex County Council over a six-figure rebrand campaign

The 'Only Way is Essex' stars have defended the county after the new adverts, due to be released this spring, were given the green light.

Lisa Bone, the council's head of tourism, said: “We’ve made a promotional film for TV starring people like scientists and Michelin-starred chefs who we have in the county.

"There’s a lot of talk about the way Essex is depicted but unless we tell people what it’s really like, they’ll only have one impression.”

However, Gemma, 40, has been left outraged at the six-figure rebrand campaign.

She told The Sun newspaper: “Forget the council — I am the Queen of Essex and the only rebrand our great county needs is one to shake up that stuffy lot.

"To say we need to change our 'reputation' is an affront to every hard-working person from Essex who has grafted to make something of themselves."

Gemma's ex-boyfriend Arg agrees, saying: “You’ll never meet a prouder Essex Boy than me. People who think our county is just packed with wide boys and women wearing white stilettos couldn’t have it more wrong.

"We might be partial to fake tan but who wants to look pale and pasty just because the pandemic stopped us all flying out to Marbs?

“And if you’ve got an issue with vajazzles, you’ve clearly not been lucky enough to hop into bed with one.

“Essex is the breeding ground of some of our best loved stars and most famous sporting legends.

"And when it comes to landmarks, we’ve got the largest Norman keep in Europe — and the world’s longest pier.”

Amy, 31, insisted Essex is full of "decent, hard-working people" rather than "vacuous airheads", and admitted she has been inundated with thanks for all the vajazzles - a form of genital decoration - she has done over the years.

She said: “As a county we have a reputation for looking good and looking after each other.

“We’re not a community of vacuous airheads. We’re decent, hard-working people.

“How dare anyone take aim at the vajazzle? It’s fun, fancy and it helps make women - and men - feel sexy.

"I helped bring that hidden beauty secret to the masses a decade ago on 'TOWIE' and, trust me, I’ve only had people thanking me for it.

“How about the council spend £300,000 on something that really matters?”

The commercials - which will debut on Sky later this year - will also showcase the beautiful landscape of the county.