Gemma Collins once stole her boyfriend's post to see if he was cheating.

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

The 40-year-old star has confessed she has been intercepting mail "all my life", after revealing she once stuck her hand in her ex-partner's letterbox to read his phone bill.

Appearing on 'Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable', she said: "Yes, he was cheating on me. The phone bill was a fortune, it was like £750. It also turned out he was calling the premium sex lines as well. So I got rid. That was it. I did ring one of the numbers."

The panel - made up of Tom Allen and Darren Harriott - pointed out it is a criminal offence to open someone else's post without their permission, according to the Postal Services Act 2000.

Gemma queried: "Can you get arrested for opening up other people’s post? I’ve done it all my life."

Darren quipped: "Is Gemma going home in cuffs?"

Elsewhere on the show, the 'Diva Forever' star said she goes through lots of pairs of knickers a year, as she thinks using the same underwear more than once is "disgusting".

She explained: "I don’t wear the same underwear twice - it’s disgusting, it’s bad. "I don’t like the way they feel after a wash. I just like a fresh pair every time I go out."

Despite this, Gemma concedes that her wastefulness is damaging the environment, and conceded she needs to "change [her] ways".

She added: "I’m a sinner, I’m a bad girl."

Gemma admitted she actually keeps her underwear in a drawer rather than throwing them in the bin.

The former 'Only Way Is Essex' star gets her assistant Alexis to take care of them for her.

She said: "They go in a drawer. My lovely assistant Alexis rolls them all up."

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