Gemma Collins has teamed up with Durex to normalise self-love and de-stigmatise sex toys.

Gemma Collins teams up with Durex to to normalise self-love

Gemma Collins teams up with Durex to to normalise self-love

The company, which sells condoms and lubricants, have joined forces with ‘The Only Way is Essex’ star to launch a new range of vibrators in a bid to normalise masturbation.

According to new research conducted by Durex, a survey found as many as 33 per cent of us don't practice self-love, and 63 per cent of the population feel self-love and sex toys are topics too taboo to discuss.

The research also found that two thirds of those surveyed (64 per cent) don’t own sex toys as they feel embarrassed, but nearly half wish they had more confidence to achieve their sexual desires.

Gemma, who hopes to empower people through the campaign, said: “Hons! Why do we all still view self-love and sex toys with so much embarrassment, its 2022!!

"The GC knows we all need to go on our own journey when it comes to pleasure but why put up roadblocks for ourselves and each other with all this old fashioned stigma!

“I think self-love is an amazing gift that we should celebrate, it can make us feel empowered, satisfied and stress free, what’s better than that? And if a sex toy like the new Durex Soft Vibrator can help you along the way, then go for it! They are easy to use and trust me hons, you will reap the benefits.”

Nikki Hayward, Wellness Category Manager at Durex, said: "We are thrilled to have partnered with Gemma Collins on the launch of a new exciting range of sex toys from Durex.

"We love how empowered Gemma feels about achieving the pleasure she knows she deserves for herself – and want everyone else to feel the same.

"Durex hopes to encourage us all to have more open and honest conversations about masturbation and the use of sex toys whether on your own or with someone else. We hope that people can shake off the stigma and ditch the taboo, feelings of shame and embarrassment on something that should be a way to feel real pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction.”

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