Gemma Collins was thrown out of an L.A nightclub for trying to speak to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Gemma Collins on trying to meet Leonardo DiCaptro

Gemma Collins on trying to meet Leonardo DiCaptro

The 41-year-old reality star - who shot to fame as a cast member on 'TOWIE' back in 2011 - revealed that that she met the Hollywood A-lister in a private members' club but was hastily "thrown out" when she approached him.

She said: "Leonardo DiCaprio — I said hello to him and got thrown out of the club in LA. I mean, he looked at me and I looked at him back and all I said was hello. Next thing I know, I’ve been thrown out."

However, the 'Diva Forever' star - who is known for exhibiting a diva persona in her television appearances as her alter-ego the GC - quipped that she is also a celebrity but will never go back to Soho House in West Hollywood and that they can "kiss [her] a***"

She told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre Column: "I thought, ‘You do realise I am famous as well. Thank you very much!’ I could never go back there again. It was just one of those moments. Well, they can kiss my a***."

Gemma is currently on tour with her one-woman show 'The GC's Big Night Out' and also reportedly spoke of how she was sacked from a job at Sainsbury's after "saving someone's life", how she spent £22,000 on a fake elephant to go in her garden and told of how Madonna is her sprit animal while on stage at the tour's opening night at the Opera House in Manchester.

Following the show on Tuesday, she wrote on Instagram: "MANCHESTER you was INCREDIBILE. Thank you so much …… next stop GLASGOW!"(sic)

'The GC's Big Night Out' runs at various cities across the UK until mid-April.