George Banks wants Sir Patrick Stewart to land a job on 'Coronation Street' as his character's dad.

Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart

The 'Corrie' star would love to see the 'Star Trek' legend appear in Weatherfield as his alter-ego Henry Newton's father Philip Newton - previously played by Malcolm Scates - and believes the 78-year-old star would fit right in on the Manchester-based cobbles because he is from northern England.

When asked who could play Henry's dad, George replied: "Patrick Stewart. He's got that natural air of confidence, so he could be good as that though dad that Henry has lived his life trying to please.

"Plus, he's northern."

George has appeared on the famous soap since November 2017, but he still has to pinch itself when he is on set surrounded by the likes of Barbara Knox (Rita Tanner), Helen Worth (Gail Platt) and Sue Nicholls (Audrey Roberts).

He said: "It's slightly mind-blowing. The other day I was stood behind the bar, looking out at Rita, Gail and Audrey, all these people I grew up watching - that was very surreal! In real life, I'd be a dreadful landlord.

"I'm a bit of a softie, so I don't think I could ever bar anyone - and I'd give away a lot of free drinks."

Henry and his girlfriend Gemma Winter's (Dolly Rose Campbell) dreams of owning the Rovers Return are set to be dashed when Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) purchases the pub, leaving Gemma devastated.

And while his character is set to have a bad time of it in the coming weeks, George is always laughing when the cameras aren't rolling.

He added to Inside Soap magazine: "On set it's Dolly, as I have the most fun with her.

"In the green room, Simon [Gregson] is very funny, and if he's on set as well he can catch you by surprise and really make you laugh.

"Also Kym [Marsh] and Ali [King] together are a lot of fun."