Geri Horner signed up to 'All Together Now' because it is an uplifting talent show.

Geri Horner

Geri Horner

The 45-year-old singer decided to star on new Saturday night show as she wanted to be on a television programme which kept people smiling.

She said: "I discussed it with the producers and it was like, 'I know you don't want to be mean - let's be kind to people.' You're just judged on the performance and that's it, pretty much. What I love is it's not promising anything - just a moment and the money.

"Modern Britain is very multicultural and this show is reflective of that. Given the last few years, let's remind each other that regardless of our political views or our classes, our colour, our races or our genders, we all really like each other. That's what really attracted me to it."

The talent show sees hopefuls come on stage and sing their favourite song in front of the 100 - a set of people who sing themselves as well as industry professionals. The contestant who gets the most people to stand up wins £50,000.

And Geri formed a close bond with her co-stars in the 100 and hopes she can meet up with them all again one day.

Speaking of the show, which is hosted by comedian Rob Beckett, she added to The Sun newspaper: "We would all have sing-songs and we'd all pass sweets down the line. It's really cute. So for that reason I look forward to seeing them all again."