The ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’ are back for a second season of Netflix original series GLOW, and this week saw the release of a fantastic first-look trailer for the batch of new episodes. You can check it out below:

With the entire gang making their comeback and doing their all to become some of the biggest names in the sport, we’ll see them go from “normal” people to local celebrities. Whilst that brings a lot of good and a little bit of stability to their lives, they’ll also come to quickly realise that there are some ugly realities they’ll have to face along with their newfound fame.

Ruth (Alison Brie) and Debbie (Betty Gilpin) settle into creating a whole season of television together, not immediately cementing a revival of their friendship, but finding it easier to confront the issues that have kept them apart for so long.

With Sam (Marc Maron) at the helm of the show, he’ll continue on with his vices, but with the challenge of now living with his teenage daughter and the need to produce 20 episodes of great television, the stakes are higher than ever before.

Early reviews for the new season are promising, with a number of different critics saying the show goes deeper than it did with its first outing, and even provides more laughs. If true, the new episodes should prove to be quite the knockout, as the first season was met with high critical acclaim! We can’t wait to check it out.

GLOW season 2 hits Netflix on June 29, 2018. The first season of the show is available now on the streaming platform.

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