'Good Morning Britain' was hit with more than 500 Ofcom complaints in a week.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid

The early morning ITV news show saw a steep rise in complaints on May 12th, with 174 people phoning in to the regulating authority, and the next day, 'GMB' had a further 98 complains, and 76 unhappy viewers complained on May 14th.

When presenter Piers Morgan - who has become known for taking government officials to task on the show - wasn't on the programme on the Friday, the complaints fell to just 10.

The 55-year-old journalist - who co-hosts with Susanna Reid - has been regularly calling out the government during the coronavirus pandemic.

And on May 18th, when he hit out at Prime Minister Boris Johnson and co, Ofcom received a further 51 calls. Piers had also blasted some footballers for allegedly flouting the rules.

The string of complaints follows two online petitions being launched in favour of having Piers sacked from 'GMB', but there have been plenty of other calls for him to remain on the show, and many praising him for challenging government officials during the pandemic.

Last month, Piers addressed being cleared by Ofcom after racking up more than 3,200 complaints over two interviews with MP Helen Whately.

During one of the chats, Piers questioned the Care Minister about how many people are dying in care homes during the current coronavirus crisis.

But Helen claimed he was interrupting her too much.

The MP said: "I've been quite straight with you and others I have spoken to that we know people are dying in care homes and we know more people than usual are dying in care homes. The problem is, you just keep on interrupting me."

However, Piers hit back and claimed the Care Minister "didn't have any answers".

But Ofcom decided not to investigate the claims, and the 55-year-old presenter claimed the abuse came from "Brexiteers".

He added: "All the abuse I'm getting is from Brexiteers as though I'm somehow betraying the cause. A - I didn't even want Brexit in the first place, and B - I did actually campaign for you to get your Brexit when people tried to stop it from happening."

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