Gordon Ramsay is desperate to get back to work.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay

The 54-year-old chef has admitted he's missed "breaking bread" amid the UK's latest coronavirus lockdown, and he can't wait for the restaurant business to return to normality.

He shared: "What have I missed most? Breaking bread.

"The atmosphere that restaurants create. The atmosphere when you open those doors and you walk into a restaurant, and when you sit with someone you haven't seen for a couple of weeks and you've got a nice cocktail and amazing food, that's what I miss. And the smiles on their faces, there's something quite unique and content about being in that arena."

Gordon praised the government for supporting the restaurant business during the health crisis.

But he conceded that things have been, and continue to be, incredibly stressful for businesses around the country.

He told the BBC: "The government have been super supportive, and incredibly concerned, in terms of, landlords seem to be taking a breather, which is good.

"But think of the pressure. We had to cancel 22,472 reservations through the month of December, and that's the one glory month that gets us through the first weak part of the year, January and February, when everybody goes dry and becomes vegan."

Meanwhile, Gordon is set to host a new BBC game show called 'Bank Balance' and although he's known for his bluntness, the TV star is determined to support the programme's contestants.

He explained: "It's a tough show to launch, and there are so many moving parts, so you've got to be this multi-faceted, caring, firm but fair, and driven to get the contestants some money. And if they don't do well, I feel bad, I take it personally."

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