Many fans of DC didn't know whether Gotham had the ability to maintain credibility and form a solid fandom during the airing of the first season. Now however the FOX series is halfway through its third season and viewers couldn't be more excited about exactly what's going on in the prequel series.

Erin Richards as Barbara Kean / Credit: FOX

Erin Richards as Barbara Kean / Credit: FOX

Now in a new interview with CinemaBlend, actress Erin Richards who plays Barbara Kean on the show has spoken about the possibility of her character becoming the crazed Harley Quinn.

She said: "There have been conversations. I think something major would have to happen to Barbara for her to fully become Harley Quinn. Because Harley Quinn is kind of… She doesn't, to me, have the motivation that Babs has. Harley Quinn seems to like destruction for destruction's sake, and that's wonderful, but I feel like Barbara has more of a plan. She's a little bit more intellectual in her approach toward climbing the ladder and taking over the underworld. And I think if she was to then morph into Harley Quinn, there would have to be something that happened that sort of stripped away that kind of scheming side of her so that she would just become, I guess, unhinged in the world. That, to me, is what Harley Quinn represents. That madness and mayhem that comes along with The Joker, because obviously, they're a team."

In the earlier episodes of the second season, there were moments when Barbara seemed to lose all of her rational behaviour, and Richards believes if there was to be a transition, that would have been the best time for it.

Richards explains: "I think Barbara had her moment of madness and mayhem early on in Season 2 after the Ogre, and then she went to Arkham and she sort of lost herself a little bit and just wanted to be this dark being. And then after she fell out of the church window and went into the coma and came back out and remembered her attachment to Jim as sort of a loving attachment, and didn't really remember the murdering of her parents and that kind of stuff.

"So she's like another being now, and I think that being is not so close to the Harley Quinn character, even though she's still obviously a little crazy, but she now has more of a ruthless nature to her."

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