Graham Norton

Graham Norton

Graham Norton got emotional watching One Direction's Comic Relief clip.

The TV star will be presenting a live seven-hour chat show for the charity on March 15 and admitted seeing the pop superstars in a children's hospital made him teary.

He told The Sun newspaper's TV Magazine: "How can you not? I was watching a really mild film on 'Let's Dance for Comic Relief' with One Direction at a children's hospital [in Ghana], and seeing how upset those boys were makes you realise just how lucky we all are.

"I was so emotional watching that - however tough things are in this country, most of us will never experience anything like what we saw."

Graham, 49, is nervous ahead of his Comic Relief challenge - which will see him joined by 38 guests - and revealed his biggest fear is running out of time.

He added: "I don't want guests like Ronnie Corbett and Martin Freeman to have sat waiting for an hour and then someone goes, 'Sorry, Graham's been talking for too long, you'll have to go home'.

"It'll be tough because I won't be able to keep asking the same settling-in questions I usually do over and over again.

"I will be relieved but shattered when it's all over."