Graham Norton always insists he comes first in relationships.

Graham Norton

Graham Norton

The 53-year-old presenter admits his romances are always "unequal" because he insists a partner rearranges their life and commitments to suit his own diary.

In an interview with Woman magazine, the homosexual star said: "My relationships are always unequal. For starters, my diary will always take precedence over a boyfriend's.

"If someone's office Christmas party clashes with a TV recording night, I'm not cancelling that tot go to your stupid office party.

"If I've got two months off and he's a surgeon with life-saving surgery to do, I'd be like, 'For God's sake, it's the only time I can go on holiday.' You see the problem. All men have a little bit of alpha in them and aren't wired to be the plus one."

Graham has been single since splitting from his ex-boyfriend, music marketing consultant Andrew Smith, and has used Tinder to look for dates since the break-up.

The 'Let It Shine' host would welcome a relationship if one came along but he doesn't feel he needs to have a partner just for the sake of being with someone.

He admitted: "I don't want a boyfriend at all costs. Clearly I could find one but if it would entail being with someone I didn't love or didn't even like much, what would be the point. I've had great relationships but it's not something I have to have.

"They require compromise - this is obvious to me because in most couples you like one of them a lot more than the other one, so someone has made a compromise."

When he isn't working, Graham's favourite pastime is drinking and he enjoys alcohol as a way to relax just like most people in the UK.

He said: "I am very open about who I am. I'm a borderline alcoholic. I prefer my life with alcohol and I don't feel I have to explain that because it's not like I have a niche interest - alcohol is really popular. I'm not alone! People like drinking and I'm just one of them."

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