Greg O'Shea has ruled out finding love on dating apps.

Greg O'Shea rules out finding love on dating apps

Greg O'Shea rules out finding love on dating apps

The former 'Love Island' winner recently split from Kate Hutchins after almost two years together but insists that he won't be looking for a new love online.

He told RSVP Live: “I have never used any dating apps, even before Love Island. They are not for me.

“Obviously, it is going to be tough to find someone originally with COVID restrictions. But I will be fine, I am sure.”

Meanwhile, Greg, 26, claims he turned down hundreds and thousands of euros in sponsorship deals after 'Love Island', in order to focus on his Rugby 7s career, which saw him compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

He said: "It was a dream come true and it was something I had worked really hard for. I turned my back on hundreds and thousands of euros that I could have made after 'Love Island' but I had a dream of going to the Olympics.

“It was a dream that was years in the making and doing it with my best friends brought me so much happiness. My hard work paid off.”

And Greg, who controversially dumped Amber Gill by text message just weeks after they won 'Love Island' together, revealed he is not in touch with many of his former castmates.

He said: "I am in touch with a couple of them. It is impossible to be friends with everyone, especially when I was only on the show for two weeks.

“Joe Garrett and I get on very well because we both enjoy sports. Even though we weren’t in the villa together we still bonded on the reunion show afterwards.

"I chat to all the boys that live together in London; Jordan [Hames], Chris [Taylor] and Michael [Griffiths]. It is not like I don’t like everyone else, I just don’t know them.”