Gregg Wallace has moved his mother-in-law into his house to make him feel "more secure".

Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace

The 'MasterChef' co-host and his wife Anne-Marie, 32, now live under the same roof as her mother, 57-year-old mum Rina Sterpini, and the "insecure" TV presenter admits it is a "good" arrangement because it will be harder for his significant other to leave him.

He said: "Anne can't leave me because mum would have to leave as well, so for an insecure old man with a younger woman, that's good news.

"It's made a family home for them now Anne and her mum are here all the time."

Gregg is also set to welcome his father-in-law into his home, which could give him and Anne-Marie some extra support should their fertility treatment be successful.

The former greengrocer - who has children, Tom, 24, and Libby, 21, from his second marriage to ex-wife Denise - said: "When you fall in love with a younger woman, you've got to realise they are going to want a family."

The ex-'Saturday Kitchen' presenter's wife does the cooking for the trio in their abode, and she and Rina share the housework, and Gregg admits the pair take their "old-fashioned" roles "very seriously".

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday's Event magazine, he added: "Anne, by her choice, doesn't work. They're funny, these southern Italians, very old-fashioned.

"They take their roles very seriously."

Gregg has previously admitted he fell in love with Anne-Marie - his fourth wife - after she tweeted about his duck and rhubarb dish.

He said: "When I was single, Twitter for me was like going fishing, what I found is it's not a dating site, you can chat to people.

"Anna my beautiful wife - I'm very fortunate I've been with her for four years - and she just asked me about duck and rhubarb, which is a dish I cooked for the telly. I looked at her picture and said 'Oh my word you're a pretty girl."

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