Gregg Wallace and his wife have been trying for a baby for two years.

Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace

The 'MasterChef' co-host - who has two kids, Tom, 24, and Libby, 21, from his second marriage to ex Denise - and Anne-Marie, 32, are desperate to have a child together, and the 53-year-old star insists a guy who has a younger wife but denies them the chance to have kids "doesn't love her".

He said: "We've been trying for two years.

"When I fell in love with a much younger woman, I realised that is what she would want. I think, if an older man says to a younger woman, 'I don't really want children,' then he doesn't love her."

Gregg - who has been married four times, and divorced three times - admits he got "very lucky" after finding love with Anne-Marie.

He is quoted by the Daily Express newspaper of saying: "The game of love is a lottery and I have just been very, very lucky this time."

The 'Eat Well For Less' host is so in love with his wife he has moved her mother, 57-year-old mum Rina Sterpini, into his home to make it harder for Anne-Marie to leave him.

He said: "Anne can't leave me because mum would have to leave as well, so for an insecure old man with a younger woman, that's good news.

"It's made a family home for them now Anne and her mum are here all the time."

The former greengrocer is also set to welcome his father-in-law into his home, which could give him and Anne-Marie some extra support if they are successful in their baby aim.

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