Hazel O'Sullivan

Hazel O'Sullivan

Hazel O'Sullivan wants Daley Ojuederie back in the 'Big Brother' house.

Despite getting the 28-year-old boxer kicked off the Channel 5 reality show earlier this week, claiming he was "aggressive" after he put his hands around her throat during a boozy play-fight, the busty brunette has now decided she wants her friend to return.

The pair had enjoyed a flirtatious relationship prior to the incident, despite Daley having a girlfriend, Katie Corriette, outside the show.

The change of heart came after a tennis ball with the words, "Daley has slaughtered Hazel in the press and on TV", scrawled on it was thrown over the wall of the house.

After insisting the so-called attack was "serious", Hazel went on to tell her housemates she had no part in Daley's shock exit from the house and still had feeling for him.

She sighed: "I really miss him."

However, viewers were shocked by the scheming beauty's two-faced behaviour and took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

One angry fan wrote: "Hazel ... just die please," while another ranted: "She is a s**t with no self respect."

Hazel isn't up for eviction this week, but is said to be anxious about the public's response when she eventually leaves the show, according to the Daily Star newspaper.

Daley slammed Hazel for being a "liar" after he was ordered to leave the 'Big Brother' house following the row.

The model sobbed she was "terrified" following the incident, which saw him pretend to choke her and say he was going to "nut her".

He said: "I can't believe what she said. I'd never hit a woman in my life. I didn't expect to be thrown out.

"I don't want to waste my breath on her. I do now think she should have gone as well. I told Big Brother she was devious and a liar. I never want anything to do with her again."