Helen Flanagan didn't go the "gym or diet once" after she gave birth to her first child.

Helen Flanagan (c) Instagram

Helen Flanagan (c) Instagram

The 'Coronation Street' star has been looking back at the photographs she took before she fell pregnant with her second baby in September and has admitted she didn't do anything to get into shape after she gave birth to Matilda, who she has with her long-term partner Scott Sinclair, two years ago and has put it down to breastfeeding.

Alongside a photograph of her in a bikini, she wrote: "#tbt to my flat stomach early September before I was [pregnant] with Baby number two! Mind my burnt forehead x I put down my figure after having Matilda purely down to breastfeeding which for me sped up my metabolism, I didn't go to the gym or diet once xxx wouldn't mind being back at @leroyalmeridien right now xxxx (sic)"

Helen announced her pregnancy in December and admitted the first trimester was somewhat a worry because doctors told her she could be suffering from an ectopic pregnancy - in which the embryo attaches outside the uterus - after she was plagued with "very bad pains" and severe vomiting.

The 27-year-old beauty said at the time: "At one point the Celtic club medic came to see me and I was getting very bad pains. There was some concern I might be having an ectopic pregnancy, but I'd actually got a water infection. I was very dehydrated - I couldn't keep anything down because I was being sick all the time.

"I did end up in hospital here in Glasgow. I was there for a good few hours and they put me on a drip. I had some scans, fluids and anti-sickness injections.

"I was so poorly at this point and was prescribed some tablets. I got through my first pregnancy without having to take anything, but the nurses assured me the tablets were safe and the lightest form of medication, and they did work."

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