Helen Flanagan is potty training her two-year-old daughter - but insisted she isn't a "lazy parent" after abandoning her initial attempt.

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan

The former 'Coronation Street' actress tried to potty train Delilah in April but the youngster was getting "far too upset", and the star had been "so unwell" with hyperemesis gravidarum - which causes excessive nausea and vomiting during pregnancy - she hasn't been able to do it any earlier.

She wrote on her Instagram Stories: "Going back to potty training this month and lockdown. I really do not like potty training at all.

"I would have done it earlier with Delilah pops but because I've been so unwell with Hyperemesis (anyone knows that's had this knows the last thing you want to do is potty train your little one).

"I tried in April but she just wasn't ready I don't feel, she would get far too upset and I wasn't in my house so was more stressful. She uses the potty at home quite a lot and at nursery. (sic)"

Helen revealed her five-year-old daughter Matilda - who she shares with fiancé Scott Sinclair - was potty trained by her mother-in-law "just before she was three", because the former cobbles actress was unwell with hyperemesis again at the time, and she was filming, and living in between Scotland and Manchester.

But she insisted: "Sometimes it's really not lazy parenting everyone's situations are different and I want Delilah to potty train happily where she was getting too upset last time.

"I deffo need her out of nappies before baby three makes their way (sic)"

Helen - who played Rosie Webster on the ITV soap - also admitted the food she is eating nowadays tastes great after she lived off flat Coca-Cola for three months while she was dealing with her severe morning sickness.

She added: "Everything tastes amazing after living off flat Coke for three months."

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