Helen Flanagan wants to get married to have the same surname as her daughters.

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan

The 28-year-old star has kids Matilda, three, and four-month-old Delilah with her footballer fiance Scott Sinclair, and she is keen to wed the Celtic forward to become a Sinclair herself.

She said: "For me, it's just important to get married as I want to have the same last name as the girls."

The 'Coronation Street' actress and the former Aston Villa star revealed in May that they were engaged, and while Helen has wasted no time trying out different wedding gowns, she insists the couple will not start to plan their nuptials "properly" until mid-2019.

She said: "I'm enjoying looking at wedding dresses and I've tried a few on, but I'm going to wait until Delilah is one before we properly plan it.

"It does already feel as if we're married though, because we've been together for so long."

Helen has also made no secret about the fact she is "passionate" about breastfeeding, and she makes sure not to consume much junk food when she is feeding her baby that way.

She said: "Breastfeeding really gets you into shape as you burn a lot and you have to eat a healthy diet.

"You're not going to eat a lot of junk if you know that's going into your milk. It's all about balance."

While Helen acknowledges the challenges of motherhood, the star believes she has more "confidence" with her and 29-year-old Scott's second child, and she is keen to extend their brood.

She added to Closer magazine: "I love having babies and I love being pregnant. I really want four children - Scott might need some working on the idea, though."

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