Helen George will return to 'Call The Midwife' for season 11.

Helen George

Helen George

Although there was speculation that her character Trixie could be set to depart the show, Helen has confirmed that she will be back.

Speaking to The Mail On Sunday's You Magazine, Helen said: "An exit for Trixie? That’s interesting. How can I answer that?

"We’re filming series 11 at the moment. So I’m back. And I obviously won’t say if any other characters are back, but possibly they are…

"People always say, 'When is she going to find someone?' But I like the medical storylines and the confidence she’s finding in herself. If love comes along as well, fantastic.

"I just hope that as long as I’m on Call the Midwife I am able to exist in both worlds and don’t just become a wife or a mother or something. There’s room for women in the show to be able to do it all."

Helen, 36, is also grateful to the show for helping her to find love, as she first began dating Jack Ashton, who played Reverend Tom Hereward, after they met on location in South Africa in 2016 and the pair now have three-year-old daughter Wren Ivy together.

Helen said: "It’s not like you have time to have hobbies at the weekends. You’re on set for a long time every day and you don’t get to see many other people. We are like-minded people who understand the industry, the career and the long hours."

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