Helen Skelton broke Nikki Sanderson's nose on 'Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins'.

Helen Skelton

Helen Skelton

The 36-year-old television presenter went up against the 36-year-old soap star in a boxing challenge on the reality show, and despite finding it "tough" to hurt her friend, she got too carried away and accidentally left Nikki with a sore snout.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Helen said: "I had to fight Nikki and that was tough because I really like her.

"She hit me a lot and I only hit her a couple of times, but when I did she was like, 'Oh my God, I think you've broken my nose.' "

The Channel 4 show sees a team of former Special Forces soldiers, including Ant Middleton, put a group of celebrities through an adapted version of the torturous selection process cadets must pass to join the Army's elite regiments.

And Helen was determined to give it her all when an instructor told her to fight the 'Hollyoaks' star.

She explained: "I might have only hit her a couple of times but I connected. It's so weird having to fight someone you like, I didn't want to hit her, then she hit me once and I was like, 'OK.' "

Helen - who has kids Ernie, four, and Louis, three, with pro rugby player Richie Myler - also pushed herself in other challenges, including jumping out of a helicopter, but she was terrified for her life.

She said: "I really thought I'd enjoy the challenge where you have to fall from a helicopter into a lake but it was horrific. All I could think about was what would happen to my life if I broke my neck. It was terrifying. It haunted me the night before we were due to do it.

"That really weighed heavily on me. I was constantly thinking that if I get injured then it could impact my kids. So the mental side of doing this show was really hard."