Holly Hagan is "more open to the idea of having children" after recently tying the knot.

Holly Hagan is considering having kids

Holly Hagan is considering having kids

The 29-year-old TV star is increasingly open-minded about starting a family with Jacob Blyth, after the loved-up couple recently got married in Ibiza.

Asked about the prospect of having kids, Holly told OK! magazine: "I was very against it - not in life, but for right now.

"I really wanted to wait and go to Bali next year. Since we’ve been married, it’s weird because you think you can’t love someone more, but then you do.

"We’re definitely back in the honeymoon stage and instinctively it makes you more excited about the next stage. I’m feeling more open to the idea of children. We’ve been really careful up until this point."

Despite this, Holly suggested she remains laid back about the situation for the time being.

She said: "We’re not going to plan anything, we’re just going to see what happens…"

Holly was delighted that Charlotte Crosby - her MTV co-star - was able to attend her wedding as she "really struggled during her pregnancy". The TV star was thrilled that Sophie Kasaei was able to join them in Ibiza, too.

Holly said: "Charlotte has really struggled during her pregnancy. I know that it was really difficult for her to even travel.

"And she said it was the first time in her pregnancy she couldn’t have a drink or get involved as much as she wanted to. It’s been hard for her, but I massively appreciate her being there. It meant a lot to me."

Holly feels she's got a sister-like relationship with Charlotte and Sophie.

Holly said: "I’ve shared my whole journey with Charlotte and Sophie and they’ve become more like sisters - but we’re all so different, we dress differently our attitudes are different.

"It’s like a sibling, you don’t always have the same views on things, but you’re so close and nothing will take away that bond - and that’s how I feel about those two girls."

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