Holly Willoughby tuned into 'This Morning' every day when she was on maternity leave because it felt like she had a "friend" in her room when she was "struggling."

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby

The 37-year-old presenter has admitted she struggled to adapt to motherhood when she gave birth to children; Harry, nine, Belle, seven, and Chester, four - whom she has with her husband Dan Baldwin - and found herself looking forward to the daily brunch time show when she had been up all night with her babies.

The blonde beauty - who joined the programme as a host in 2009 - said on today's (03.10.18) show: "It was my first job that I came back to having had my first baby, Harry. And then I was pregnant with Belle. I mean it felt like I was pregnant a lot. I've been all shapes and sizes on this show but the thing about having that moment was being on maternity leave and watching the show as a viewer again and remembering and understanding how important this show is.

"I remember just texting Phil on maternity all the time saying: 'Today's show was amazing!' I'm here at home, I haven't slept, I'm trying to feed my kids, I'm really struggling and it felt like there was a friend always in the corner of my room.

"It was just a reminder of what this show does and how important it is. It's lovely to watch it as a viewer in my dressing gown."

Today marks the programme's 30th birthday and Phillip has admitted he eyed up the show when he first watched Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan launch it.

He explained: "I thought: 'This is like Saturday telly but for adults.' And it's one of those things where you think I would absolutely love to have a go at that and then years later I was a guest a few times and then you end up presenting it.

"And I think we will all agree that there's been so many presenters - you have your time - you're a custodian. It's like being the captain of the Titanic and then there will be someone else. Maybe the Queen Mary but there have been times where it's felt like the Titanic."