'Hollyoaks' is to air a special episode celebrating the diversity of the village.

Sarah Jayne Dunn

Sarah Jayne Dunn

The Channel 4 soap have confirmed they will feature an ep written by Alanna Hallum which will see Mandy Morgan (Sarah Jayne Dunn) and Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) make a tough decision about the health of their unborn baby, set against a backdrop of a charity event celebrating the diversity of characters with disabilities and additional needs.

'Hollyoaks' executive producer Bryan Kirkwood said: "'Hollyoaks' has grown into one of the most diverse shows on television and our disability visibility reflects that.

"The 'Hollyoaks' team's presentation at Channel 4's Disability Conference was a celebration of all the trailblazing work that goes on behind the scenes and on-screen.

"We have two exceptionally talented leading actors with disabilities or additional needs in Amy Conachan, who is a wheelchair user, and Talia Grant, who has autism.

"It's important to us that both Amy and Talia star in huge 'Hollyoaks' stories rather than fade into the background.

"The heightened world of 'Hollyoaks' is an equal opportunities disaster zone where everyone can fall in love or get caught up in the latest stunt."

Noah Holdsworth will also have a starring role in the special episode when his character Oscar Osborne, who is deaf, performs in a choir.

Archivist Laura Halligan added: "The episode features a real life signing choir, which Oscar is a part of, and a number of charities who have advised on the script will play a role in the celebratory event.

"Brooke [Holloway, who is portrayed by Talia] plays a pivotal role in reassuring Oscar about this performance, giving him the confidence he needs to shine.

"The episode is as heart breaking as it is heart-warming as we explore the hardships and joys of living with a disability, whilst celebrating the diversity of our cast."