A leading eating disorder charity has heaped praise on 'Hollyoaks' for exploring bulimia in a recent storyline.

Nadine Mulkerrin

Nadine Mulkerrin

Beat - which supports those affected by eating disorders and campaigns on their behalf - has thanked the Channel 4 soap for raising awareness of bulimia ahead of tonight's (09.10.18) special 'Hollyoaks' episode on E4 which will focus on Cleo McQueen's (Nadine Mulkerrin) ongoing battle with the eating disorder.

Rebecca Field, Beats' head of communication, said: "On average it takes nearly three years for someone to realise they have an eating disorder and visit a GP.

"That is why shows like 'Hollyoaks' can make a difference by raising awareness about these serious mental illnesses so people know to get help, and we are delighted to have been working with the show."

The episode will see Cleo recall details of her perfect wedding day to her psychiatrist Farrah, only for Farrah to interrupt her and it soon becomes clear that Cleo has been telling lies.

As she sits in a hospital bed, she admits the true sequence of events, which has seen her cover up bruises with make-up, use whitener to cover her rotting teeth, and run upstairs to make herself sick after eating a bacon butty.

What's more, her wedding dress didn't fit because she lost so much weight, and she felt sick and sweaty while walking down the aisle.

Rebecca added: "The sooner someone gets treatment for an eating disorder, the better their chances of recovery.

"Anyone worried about their own or someone else's health can contact Beat's Helpline, 365 days a year, via phone, email, anonymous one-to-one web chat or social media messaging."

'Hollyoaks' have also teamed up with Beat, who Nadine has worked closely with on the storyline, for a special documentary, 'Cleo's Bulimia: Real Life Stories', which will be available to watch on Hollyoaks' official You Tube on October 10th.