Davinia Taylor has claimed vegetable oil and seed oil left her feeling "more depressed".

Davinia Taylor

Davinia Taylor

The former 'Hollyoaks' actress - who played Jude Cunningham on the soap from 1996 to 1998 before a brief return in 2016 - turned to carbohydrates when her mum died, but she has recently changed her relationship with food.

Appearing on ITV's 'This Morning', she said: "I eat on depression - when I'm upset or stressed, I reach for carbohydrates, and that's a sort of form of biohacking ... Basically, you're trying to hack into your hormones to boost your mood.

"I was doing that after my mum died, constantly. I gave up drinking 13 years ago, so I knew I couldn't go to that. I turned to carbohydrates, sugar, pizza and everything and I couldn't stop.

"What I didn't realise was the ingredients in there - a few of them - were really triggering me to be even more depressed. The one that I found out - more than sugar, would you believe ... is vegetable oil and seed oil, which actually just makes you depressed."

The 43-year-old star explained how she felt better after making the change to her diet.

She added: "When I cut that out, all of a sudden my body started functioning better and I could metabolise the food I was storing and get rid of it, improve my mood and start exercising."

When it comes to the food she eats, Davinia insisted she still treats herself, and wouldn't dream of denying herself a tasty breakfast.

She said: "I have bacon and eggs everyday! I mean, come on - bacon and eggs, it's lovely. It's standard, isn't it? But I wouldn't have something like granola. I wouldn't have that, it's smothered in vegetable oil!"