Hugh Grant won't be taking over from Jodie Whittaker in 'Doctor Who'.

Hugh Grant will not be playing the Time Lord in Doctor Who

Hugh Grant will not be playing the Time Lord in Doctor Who

The ‘Love Actually’ star has “nothing against” the long running BBC sci-fi series, but admits he isn’t in the running to take on the role of the titular Time Lord.

On Twitter, the 61-year-old actor wrote: “Nothing against Dr W but I’m not. No idea where that story came from. (sic)”

It comes after it was reported last weekend that “conversations were in progress” between Russell T Davies - who is returning to the programme as showrunner - and Hugh.

A source said: "He offers many attributes – great actor, British, award-winning, Hollywood A-lister and excellent at comedy. Conversations are in progress.”

Russell is said to have big plans for the series and wants to establish a multiverse for various spin-off projects.

The source added: “The vision is that the show can be a Marvel-like product, building franchises around the Doctor and other key characters in his many lives.”

David Tennant, Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith and Christopher Eccleston have all played the Time Lord since the show's 2005 revamp.

‘It’s A Sin’ creator Russell previously admitted he had asked the ‘Four Weddings and A Funeral’ star to be the Doctor, but the request “never got past his agent”.

The 58-year-old screenwriter - who finally worked with Hugh on the BBC series ‘A Very English Scandal’ - said: "Literally, I've wanted to work with Hugh Grant for decades. We did ask him to be Doctor Who in 2004. I have to say, that never got past his agent. I told him this. He was completely oblivious.

"With that level of star, you approach the agent and they just kick it out the window. 'Would Hugh like to come to Cardiff for a year?' 'No!'"

Despite this, Hugh is no stranger to playing the Time Lord as he took the lead in a 1999 Red Nose Day sketch, titled ‘Doctor Who: The Curse of the Fatal Death’ written by Steven Moffat.