Iain Stirling has gushed over his "goddess" wife Laura Whitmore.

Iain Stirling and Laura Whitmore

Iain Stirling and Laura Whitmore

The 33-year-old comedian says he loves watching Laura present 'Love Island', which Iain narrates, although he has no plans to join her as a co-host.

He told Radio Times: "I think she’s just brilliant at it and she looks brilliant and she just conducts herself so amazingly and has such experience of live TV and stuff. If you saw me walking in slow motion it would be disgusting.

"It would be sort of all flabby and off-putting and I’d have sweat patches at the top of my stomach. It would be minging. The only reason it would be funny for me to do it is for the look on people’s faces when this out of shape, 30-something dad just walks into the villa. They’d be like, ‘who the f**k is this guy?'

"It’s so hard honestly! Obviously, I know Laura Whitmore quite well as you can imagine and even when I’m watching it, it’s like watching someone else. Who is this person? This goddess? It’s so mad."

While Laura has been flying between Mallorca, where the show is filmed, and London - to present 'Aftersun', Iain has been working on his voiceovers from the UK, due to COVID restrictions.

He explained: "My evenings are slightly different and more domesticated, in my actual home which is lovely – but the actual process itself is very similar.

"[In Mallorca], although I’m in a sunny place, I joke about it but I am just popped in a portacabin and this year, I’m in a basement. Either way, I’m in a small space for a lot of time. There’s just not as much need for the air-con this time. It’s just instead of going back to the hotel in the sun, which some days is brilliant and other days is obviously a bit lonely or whatever, this time I’m just going back to my house."

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