ITV has commissioned another two series of 'Ibiza Weekender'.

Jordan Davies

Jordan Davies

The broadcaster has announced it will air 20 hour-long episodes from the 'Weekender' brand, which follows favourite and new reps working abroad in the holiday hotspot, including six hour-long episodes of the spin-off series 'The Weekender Boat Party'.

Satmohan Panesar, ITV2 commissioner, said: "There is only one 'Weekender' and its ever growing young audience are in for a treat when we set sail this summer and then return to Ibiza for more high jinx with our favourite group of reps."

The latest 'Weekender' series - which recently concluded on ITV2, is narrated by comedian Joe Lycett and features the likes of Jordan Davies - saw its audience peak at around one million viewers.

Gyles Neville, an executive producer at Twofour, which has been commissioned to produce the new episodes, is confident that the upcoming series will be bigger and better.

He explained: "We are delighted with 'Weekender's continuing success and growing fan base - its unique down to earth characters continue to be engaging in a way that makes us all want to be a part of their holiday season - and with a Boat Party on board, the brand is even more accessible and aspirational than ever."

'Ibiza Weekender' was also among ITV2's top performing content so far in 2018.

The air dates for the three new series and their soap-style storylines are still to be confirmed.