Isobel Steele thinks 'Emmerdale' fans will be "very pleased" with how Aaron Livesy and Robert Sugden's wedding unfolds.

Isobel Steele

Isobel Steele

The 17-year-old soap star revealed the cast have been hard at work filming the highly-anticipated scenes for the couple's big day, and she has built up more excitement for Aaron (Danny Miller) and Robert's (Ryan Hawley) romantic moment.

Isobel - who plays the former's half-sister Liv Falherty - told Inside Soap magazine: "We've recently been filming Aaron and Robert's wedding, and I think the fans are going to be very pleased with the result.

"There are a few little details in the episode that I think they will really enjoy, with some cute moments that they will pick up on and get into. The big day has been so long-awaited, so I am sure that it isn't going to disappoint."

Meanwhile, the teenage actress admitted she was nervous when she was told she would be taking on an alcoholism story with her own character.

She said it's "really difficult" to pretend to be drunk, and added that there was a steep learning curve for Liv's latest development.

Isobel explained: "It was quite daunting. I've had big storylines with Danny and played a part in other people's stories, but this was the first time the bosses said to me, 'This is your plot.'

"I didn't have any acting lessons prior to 'Emmerdale', so it was like, 'God - this is something I need to learn about and know how to act.' Playing drunk is really difficult."

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