ITV have revealed what show will fill in the slot left by Dancing on Ice.

Get Your Act Together is to take celebrities who once had passions for different talents before becoming famous, and viewers can watch as they're tutored by a star-studded team of trainers, attempting to rekindle their love.

The Daily Star newspaper spoke to an insider who said: "It's about re-igniting stars' old talents.

"Maybe Sinitta learned magic as a kid so we'll bring in Paul Daniels to teach her to saw someone in half.

"Or perhaps Gino D'Acampo used to sing and we'll get Katherine Jenkins to give him lessons.

"Maybe Michelle Keegan did street dance so we'll get Ashley Banjo from Diversity to sharpen up her moves."

Contestants will perform their skills to a panel of undisclosed judges who decide which of the celebs go through to the grand final of the series.

The talent contest is to be recorded later this year and broadcast in January of 2015.

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