Jack Fincham says there's no chance he'll propose to Dani Dyer anytime soon.

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer

Jack, 26, was recently crowned winner of Love Island with 22-year-old Dani and has put to bed rumours that he will be asking his girlfriend to marry him.

While appearing on Good Morning Britain this morning (07.08.18) Jack explained that the reason he'd been recently spotted in a jewellery shop was to buy Dani a birthday present, not an engagement ring, and there was no chance of him proposing in the near future.

Speaking to Kate Garraway, he said: "Not yet, no, not yet. No chance anytime soon. I've got something really nice that I'm excited to give her. She's going to love it; it's something she's mentioned before.

"I'll finally give it to her in a big presentation. I need to get someone to wrap it because I'm rubbish at wrapping - I can't wrap presents. I'll have to get my mum to do it."

Dani's Dad, Danny Dyer, has previously warned his daughter of getting married too young, and encouraged her to settle down later on in life.

He said: "As much as I love Dani, and of course I'm overjoyed we had her, I would advise her to have children later on in life."

The 'EastEnders' star had Dani, his eldest child, with his wife Jo Mas when the pair were just 20, and although Danny doesn't regret being a parent to Dani, as well as Sunnie, 11, and Arty, five - he thinks his daughter should live her life first.

He said: "There are benefits to having kids early, but you lose a lot of your own childhood and self-discovery. It was a 24-hour-a-day thing - the baby put a lot of stress on our relationship."

"Sex goes out the window a little bit and you have to start earning properly, [there's] no f**king about any more."

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