Jack Fincham's daughter has spent three days in hospital, in what her mum has described as a "living nightmare".

Jack Fincham's daughter was taken to hospital but is now 'on the mend' at home

Jack Fincham's daughter was taken to hospital but is now 'on the mend' at home

The former 'Love Island' star's ex Casey Ranger has revealed her and Jack's two-year-old daughter Blossom spent eight hours in A&E before she was rushed to the Royal London Hospital, where she had to undergo "continuous tests" before being allowed to go home.

Casey wrote on Instagram: "My brave little bear. The last few days have been a living nightmare. After spending 8 hours in A&E we were rushed away in an ambulance to the Royal London Hospital.

"After two nights there & 3 days of continuous tests, scans & X-rays, we are finally home. I am unable to put the last few days/nights/hours/minutes into words.

"ALl I can say is how UNBELIEVABLY PROUD I am of my little lady & how incredibly grateful we are to be back in the comfort of our own home, sat on the sofa, candles burning, ready to eat some popcorn & watch Encanto with our cat. (sic)"

Casey revealed Blossom is now "on the mend", and is getting some rest at home.

She added: "I am forever grateful that my bubba is on the mend & we will be spending the next few days at home so Blossom can get some rest; this means baking cakes, colouring in, painting & snuggling up on the sofa watching movies."

Casey gave birth to Blossom in January 2020, and just a week later Jack admitted he kept the baby news a secret so his ex could have a "peaceful pregnancy".

He said at the time: "I’m loving fatherhood. But not nappy changing - it stinks. I can’t stop staring at her though she’s beautiful.

"I kept the pregnancy a secret so her mum could have a peaceful pregnancy and she did.

"Everyone from 'Love Island' has been in touch to wish me well and it made me cry."

Dani Dyer - who won 'Love Island' alongside Jack in 2018 - had no idea her ex had become a dad until he announced the birth on social media.

When asked if she knew about the baby, Dani said: "No of course not! No news! When everyone else found out, I found out."