Jack P. Shepherd has called for a Costa Coffee machine for the 'Coronation Street' canteen.

Jack P. Shepherd

Jack P. Shepherd

The ITV soap features a Costa shop in its fictional setting of Weatherfield following a sponsorship deal with the chain, but 30-year-old star is keen to get his hands on some of their coffee beans for real when he is away from the cobbles set.

He wrote on Twitter: "Hey @CostaCoffee seen as tho there's a Costa on coronation street, what are the chances of getting a Costa machine in the canteen? Just throwing it out there.... please. We would love you forever. (sic)"

Costa then replied saying Jack will have to enquire with his boss, producer Iain MacLeod, about the possibility of a machine being installed.

They wrote: "LOL!! Need to speak to your boss about that Jack! - Natalie (sic)"

Jack then claimed he had squared the idea with the series producer, and admitted he gets thirsty on set all day.

He wrote: "Yeah I've spoke to him, he said that's fine, we've made space so I'll meet you in reception? I'm in the bistro all day and I'm a parched. (sic)"

While Jack's scenes in the bistro leave him thirst quenching, his on-screen partner Julia Goulding - who plays Shona Ramsey - recently admitted her alter-ego's work in fictional cafe Roy's Rolls has put her off food.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It really doesn't make me hungry. The food the supporting artists eat and the actors eat is obviously real but everything else ... you'd probably die if you tried to eat something from Roy's."