Jack and Vera Duckworth could be set to make a return to 'Coronation Street' as ghosts.

Jack and Vera Duckworth

Jack and Vera Duckworth

The Weatherfield cobbles are to get some supernatural visitors from the past when clairvoyant Rosemary - played by 'Harry Potter' star Sophie Thompson - comes to the street and whilst getting a haircut at Audrey Roberts' salon reveals her psychic powers and gives Audrey and her daughter Gail Platt a reading.

It is known that Rosemary will pass on messages from Audrey's late husband Alf Roberts and Gail's dead serial killer spouse Richard Hillman but now actress Sophie has teased that 'Corrie' favourites Jack and Vera - played by the late Bill Tarmey and Liz Dawn - could be contacted as well as Rovers Return cleaner Hilda Ogden, who was portrayed by the nation's favourite Jean Alexander.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper about what other characters could make contact from beyond the grave, Sophie said: "Hilda Ogden. Jack and Vera. Ena Sharples, all those ladies who used to drink stout in the Rovers. I wish I could bring them back and have a milk stout with them in black and white ... 'Corrie' will always have that spirit, those strong women and great storylines."

Sue Nicholls, who plays salon owner Audrey, loved getting to be part of the clairvoyant storyline because she has received messages from beyond the grave in real life.

The 74-year-old actress believes in the abilities psychics herself so she was pleased when show bosses revealed Sophie Thompson was joining the soap as medium Rosemary who passes on messages from her character Audrey Roberts' dead husband Alf Roberts.

She said: "People will think I'm mad, but yes, I do have a belief [in psychics]. I don't go every day and it doesn't take over my life, but I've had my palm read and I go to see these people, so this is a lovely storyline for me."

Despite admitting some people will be sceptical about the plot - which will see Gail (Helen Worth) stunned by the messages from murderer 'Tricky Dicky' Richard Hillman - it "made sense" to her.

She added: "I've been for palm readings, but mainly for Tarot readings and what's been interesting with this storyline is the way the writers have worked it. What makes Audrey think this woman is real is that she tells her something that Audrey thought she was the only one who could possibly know about. That made sense to me."

Sophie, 56, will make her first appearance as Rosemary on Monday night's (12.03.18) 'Coronation Street' when she turns up as a customer in the salon and reveals her talents.

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