Jack Whitehall is up for taking part on a celebrity version of 'Naked Attraction'.

Jack Whitehall jokes he's up for getting naked on Channel 4 dating show

Jack Whitehall jokes he's up for getting naked on Channel 4 dating show

The 33-year-old comedian gets a lot of offers to appear in various TV shows, including 'Strictly Come Dancing', but he'd rather hold out for a spot on the Channel 4 dating show, which sees contestants to choose a date based on their attractiveness from the waist up.

Jack's dad and regular TV co-star Michael was approached by the BBC to go on the ballroom competition but he did not want to commit to the busy rehearsing schedule.

Speaking on a night on Jack's 'How to Survive Family Holidays' tour, Jack’s mum Hilary said of Michael: “He said he was going to turn up on the night and ‘wing it’. I was upset but I thought somebody else could do 'Strictly'... Jack?”

But Jack - who is dating Roxy Horner - quipped: “I am holding out for a celebrity version of ‘Naked Attraction’!”

Plans for a celebrity version of 'Naked Attraction' had to be previously scrapped as not enough stars could be convinced to stand in their birthday suits on television.

The live tour, which is based on the book of the same name, sees the family trio share their holiday adventures which have been filled with many joyous occasions as well as some pitfalls in the last five years.

Jack said of 'How to Survive Family Holidays': “The truth about any holiday – if it’s with one’s own family – is that no amount of sunshine, wine or festive spirit will stop your worst character traits coming to the surface. You have just volunteered to spend a week in close proximity with the people who know you best and who will never ever let you forget it. No one survives unscathed. Things are always going to end in tears: you can only hope they’re of laughter. Interest in my family only seems to grow, despite my best endeavours to silence them."

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