Jacqueline Jossa would love to return to 'EastEnders' "at some point".

Jacqueline Jossa

Jacqueline Jossa

The former soap star admitted she would go back to the BBC One show under the right circumstances to reprise her role as Lauren Branning.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I’ll obviously go back at some point. But it would have to be the right storyline.

“As one of the biggest shows in the country, it would have to work for both them and me because they might not be ready for Lauren Branning, so it depends on timing.”

The 28-year-old star - who left the show three years ago when Lauren fled to New Zealand - remains friends with Jake Wood, the actor who played her on-screen father Max Branning.

She said: “I’m still in touch with Jake Wood, who played my dad on the show, Max Branning.

“It’s funny because you normally just hang around with your onscreen family members when you’re there.”

But Jacqueline admitted her best friends are her daughters, six-year-old Ella and three-year-old Mia, who she shares with her husband, former 'TOWIE' star Dan Osborne.

She said: “My two little girls are my best friends and I’m glad I’m a young mother because it means I can grow up with them.

“I’m with my daughters anytime I’m not working and I do lots of stuff with them. I aim to do the school pick-ups and drop-offs whenever I can.

“You can be a mum and still rock it. Your body can change but that doesn’t mean you’re not sexy.”

But she has ruled out doing her own reality series, insisting her family life is too “boring”.

She said: “No way will Dan and I do our own reality show. We’ve got too much of a boring little life. There’s no drama or glamour in our daily routine, so I don’t think it would be worth being aired on telly to be honest.”