Jake Quickenden has confirmed he has been in talks with 'Hollyoaks' bosses - but only wants to land a role in the soap if he "deserves" it.

Jake Quickenden

Jake Quickenden

The former 'X Factor' star has been having acting lessons, and while he would love to appear in the Channel 4 show, he wants to go through the "right process" by auditioning with other wannabe 'Oaks' stars, rather than be offered a part because of who he is.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I've been acting for a bit. I've been doing lessons. If anything like that did come up like that obviously I'd go in and meet them.

"I did chat to them and they asked me if I'd been doing acting lessons and I had, so if it came about that I had to go to a casting and learn the job that's what I'd be well willing to do.

"You get people that slog away at university doing acting so I want to actually go through the right method, and if I get the job I want to be able to say I deserved it because I went through the right process.

"I've always watched 'Hollyoaks'. I haven't had much time to watch anything at the minute but my mum loves the soaps and when I'm with her she gets them all on."

While Jake is keen to appear in 'Hollyoaks', he also has his heart set on a role in 'Emmerdale' alongside his good friend Danny Miller, who plays Aaron Dingle.

He added: "My favourite soap is 'Emmerdale' and my mate Danny Miller is on 'Emmerdale' so I would love a go at that.

"I'd have to be a Dingle. There's always room for a Dingle."

But Jake has been busy of late after joining the cast of male strippers The Dreamboys, which has left him with less time to go to the gym.

He said: "I've actually started working out less since I've been doing The Dreamboys - because I'm so tired.

"But I do yoga every day, and I try to stay as fit as I can.

"But I think life is for living. I like eating and I like drinking and I like being able to do what I want.

"It's important to stay healthy and go to the gym and work out, but everything in moderation for me."

Jake has joined The Dreamboys as a special guest and will be embarking on over 40 dates as part of their record breaking nationwide tour. For tickets visit www.dreamboystour.co.uk

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