Jamie Redknapp has fractured his wrist while filming 'A League Of Their Own'.

Jamie Redknapp

Jamie Redknapp

The Sky Sports pundit was taken to hospital on Saturday (30.06.18) after fellow panellist Romesh Ranganathan dropped a football on him from 120ft in a bid to break a world record, leaving him in agony when it struck his arm.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column: "The boys were trying to break a world record when Jamie had his accident.

Romesh went up a huge crane and dropped a football on Jamie, who was standing directly beneath him.

"Jamie put his right arm up to protect his head but the ball came down at such a pace, it caused Jamie a lot of pain"

"Jamie put on a brave face and continued with the show before taking a trip to hospital.

"He was diagnosed with a broken scaphoid bone and is expected to film the rest of the series in a cast."

Jamie shared a photo from the set with host James Corden and guest Jack Wilshere and poked fun at his injury on Instagram.

He wrote: "Good midfield 3 @jackwilshere @j_corden @alotosky .. to be fair jack and I have been to hospital that many times we have a loyalty card !!(sic)"

This isn't the first time the stars of the show have been left injured.

Last year, former series regular Jack Whitehall was treated by paramedics after a banger race saw Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff shunt his car into a wall.

Jack previously said: "I literally crashed into a wall. I mean I had a full-on car crash. I'm not overreacting.

"We went round the track and Flintoff rammed my car into a wall. I was really quite injured. It did my neck in badly...

"It was the worst I've got injured on the show. The whole team ground to a halt and were like, 'Is Jack all right?'

"Of all the stuff we've done, that was one of those moments where your heart stops when you're being shunted into a wall by Freddie Flintoff at 70mph. It was awful.

"In the show, it's edited and it will all look fun and silly but my life flashed before my eyes.

"Honestly, it was bad. I couldn't move my neck so for a moment, I thought it was worse."

Freddie also wrote off a car in a separate accident after smashing it into a tree, and host James admitted the former cricketer "genuinely could have died" two years ago when a free-fall stunt went wrong and he nearly collided with a lighting rig.