Jane Danson "couldn't see for crying" when she read some of her recent 'Coronation Street' scripts.

Jane Danson

Jane Danson

The 41-year-old actress' character Leanne Battersby is going through an horrific time after her three-year-old son Oliver was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, which is incurable, and the star has found the plot "so sad" to act out.

She said: "It's always difficult to explore death, particularly with a child, and we've handled it as sensitively as we can.

"There's a lot of suggestion, and scenes in which Leanne and Steve [McDonald, Simon Gregson] are preparing to say goodbye.

"It is so sad, and I had to put the scripts down several times because I couldn't see for crying."

Jane - who has two sons, Harry, 14, and Sam, 11, with husband Robert Beck - has learnt over the years not to take her 'Corrie' storylines home with her after she has played them out.And the star is soon "jolted back to reality" when she has to become a taxi driver for her kids.

She added to TV Times magazine: "Certainly it's not been hard to feel the sadness, because what's happening to Leanne is your worst nightmare.

"But you get jolted back to reality when you have to drop the kids off somewhere, or they need help with their homework.

"Over the years, I've learnt how to switch off - because you have to.

"You're learning scenes for the next day, but then you have to put it in a box and have some normal time."

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