Jane Danson's mum has found it "really hard" to watch her daughter's latest hard-hitting storyline.

Jane Danson

Jane Danson

The 'Coronation Street' actress' character Leanne Battersby will be left devastated this week when her three-year-old son Oliver Battersby loses his fight with mitochondrial disease, and Jane admitted even her 'Corrie' super-fan mother has struggled to watch the emotional scenes.

She said: "It is in parts a very hard watch, even for me. Even my mum, who is the biggest Corrie fan ever, has found watching really hard. But that is kind of our job to do that.

"I will just encourage people to try to stay with it. It is hard and it is difficult. Death at any age is a bit of a taboo, and it is a child so it is heart-breaking."

Jane admitted it has been both hard to film and watch, but she really hopes people "see it through".

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We don’t really talk about our feelings. And certainly this last year or so there has been a huge mental health push about talking about your feelings.

"That is the bottom line really – it is hard to watch, it was hard to film. I had to put my scripts down about seven times when I was reading it as I couldn’t see for the tears.

"I do hope people see it through, though, because it is important."

Despite the heart-breaking scenes, Jane recently admitted some have found the plot "quite cathartic".

She said: "I’ve had so many messages from families going through something similar.

"A lady stopped me on the street and we had a chat about her son, she said how Leanne reacted was exactly how she reacted.

"The anger, the fear, the denial, the despair. She said it really brought it home but strangely really helped seeing someone else go through the same emotions.

"From the messages I’ve had it seems to be quite cathartic for some people, maybe because their story and their voices are being heard.

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