Binky Felstead's mother Jane wants to end her life at 85 to keep her dignity in tact.

Jane Felstead on Good Morning Britain

Jane Felstead on Good Morning Britain

The 65-year-old 'Made in Chelsea' star was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis - a demyelinating disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged - last year, and Jane has admitted that she doesn't want to be a burden to her child and grandchildren if her symptoms, which so far have included severe aching joints and chronic fatigue, worsen as she gets older.

Appearing on 'Good Morning Britain' on Monday (07.05.18), Jane admitted: "The reason I feel I don't want to go on forever - one is that I've got MS which kind of is slightly concerning about how I'm going to age but I'm fine at the minute and I'm not young.

"So I reckon if I get to 85 and I'm still upright and able and valuable in some way - my grandchildren will all be in their 20s and my kids will be in the 50s or late 40s - I'll think that's quite a nice time to bow out.

Because the next stage - and I've witnessed it - is for you to lose your dignity and independence and that would be the worst thing in the world."

The mother-of-three says she wouldn't want her family to have to help with everyday tasks such as going to the toilet.

She added: "I would rather be gone than for any of the children I adore to have to take me to the bathroom."

Jane took part in a debate on the ITV morning show with chef Rustie Lee, who said she'd like to live to be over 100.

The pair discussed the news that Australian scientist Dr. David Goodall has decided to end his life at 104, because he has regrets about living into his 100s.

Putting her side across, Rustie explained that there are many reasons to live, including the fact that doctors and scientists are constantly working on cures and medicines for illnesses.

She added: "There's so many things that comes on board scientifically where you might choose to die, when you choose to die someone might come up with something that can help you.

"I think life is a gift and we shouldn't just take it and throw it away. I understand when people are suffering but there are so many medications, there are tablets that'll keep you going and you should keep active."

However, Jane insisted she is feeling "positive" about life after death and wants to "go out on a high".

She said: I'm really excited about the next stage, a whole different subject this I know you don't want me to go into it now.

"I have massive belief and I think the next stage is so exciting.

'I've had a ball and I'm going out on a high."

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